how to confess to your crush


Not the best picture, but here my outfit for the second day of NärCon.


thats enough for me today


I found towel selfies

My girl Yanique lookin cute and fresh


Cowboy Bebop Movie “Knocking on Heaven’s Door”


無題 by 朝倉



Hey so if you want more of me:

This one blog I have started off as a personal diary type thing and now I just don’t even know what it is so hey if you wanna know more about my PERSONAL personal life, you can always follow that blog??
I don’t tag anything because I don’t give a shit and I don’t ever do shit or actually give a shit about anyone’s feelings on that blog but mine so there will be ranting and personal troubles there. If you don’t want that noise I suggest you not follow it. It’s also hella nsfw and there’s possible blood and stuff so ye.. Anyway the URL is:

Because I’m a fuck ass weeb. Btw if you follow that blog don’t ask if I have anything to do with this blog because I will say no. Not because I’m ashamed of this blog but because I don’t want anyone to track this blog unless I specify or tell you hey I have another blog that’s hella anime and meme. This blog and that blog are different breeds but they are fundamentally the same .